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If These Walls Could Talk

Located backstage of the Grand Theatre, there are plenty of celebrity autographs and artwork to discover on these walls. Who do you see?

Entertain Grand

Grand Theatre “Wall of Fame”

Packed with entertainment history dating back to the late 1970s, some of the world’s most famous acts have graced the Grand Theatre including the likes of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Ray Charles, Bob Dylan, the Temptations, Billy Idol, Liza Minnelli, Pat Benatar, The Beach Boys, The Backstreet Boys, Kenny Loggins, Rob Thomas, Snoop Dogg and many more.   

The space is not limited to just music royalty either. Comedy acts have long been a part of its history. Jerry Seinfeld, Steve Martin, Kevin Hart, Tom Segura, Jim Belushi, Joel McHale, Brian Regan and more have all brought the Biggest Little City to tears of laugher in the Grand Theatre.  

And while not all of us are lucky enough to find ourselves backstage, this virtual tour will give you an inside look at some of its coolest features including a Wall of Fame packed with signatures, messages, and illustrations from Hollywood’s finest.  

Located in the hallways outside of the dressing rooms, the walls turned scribbled canvas is where you can find messages from plenty of these entertainers. Some easier to make out than others, many come with a personal touch.  

Conan O’Brien doodled his own self-portrait next to his signature complete with a black and blue tie in 2010. Where Joan Rivers in 2013 wrote her name the size to match her personality, larger than life. She also left a note saying, “I don’t have time to paint & all that sh**,” in reference to some of the vast effort other celebrities put into their message.  

Poison and Godsmack fall under those categories with full logos sketched on the wall. Where The Scorpions added “Let’s Rock” under their logo and signatures. KC & The Sunshine Band added a subtle, “Great Time,” under their names on the wall. 

Big names such as Dean Martin and Snoop Dogg went simple with just their names.