Reno Xtreme Fights III - Boxing and MMA

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Reno Xtreme Fights III wows the nearly sold out crowd yet again with another strong fight card of both boxing and Mix Martial Arts (MMA). Brandon "Flawless" Gonzales stays undefeated at 12-0 with a unanimous decision over the heavy hitter Barnell Boone of Atlanta.

Gonzales took the first four rounds using a stiff jab and three punch combination's. Pushing Boone back with bobbing/weaving under Boone's jab ,then countering with accurate punches. The momentum favored Gonzales for four rounds, till Boone recharged in the fifth. Using footwork to clear from Gonzales attack and counter with a left jab, when Gonzales followed forward.

"He's a crafty veteran. I could get him hurt, but I couldn't get him out of there," Gonzales said. "He's a strong guy. I hit him with a few shots that I thought should have more effect, but more credit to him."

In the eight and final round, Gonzales came out hard and fast ripping shots to the head and body but Boone returned the favor with a huge ringer to the head that sent Gonzales mouth piece flying. However, Gonzales stayed focus on his combo's and dominated most of the ring to lead him to victory.

The judges score card were 78-74 79-73 80 -71 unanimous decesion for Brandon Gonzales







  • MMA Ryan Wong (2-1) San Jose, Calif., def, Rick Randolph (4-4), Rosevlle, Calif. 4:05 1st round.
  • Boxing: Omar Zaldivar (1-0), Reno def. Tom Peterson (0-1), Modesto, Calif., unan. dec.
  • MMA: Nicole Johnson (2-1), Roseville, Calif., def. Jenny Trujillo (1-1) San Jose, Calif. unan. Dec.
  • Boxing: Karim Mayfield (12-0) San Francisco def. Mario Ramos (17-7) Phoenix. unan dec.
  • MMA: Adam Albright (4-1) San Francisco def. Josh Turner (3-2) Reno, verbal tap out.
  • Boxing: Brandon Gonzales, Sacramento, def. Darnell Boone of Atlanta, unan. dec.

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