Services for Business

Business doesn't stop just because you're out of the office. Whether you are our guest on business or vacation, we know occasions arise in which you need access to business-related tools such as computers, fax machines, shipping services, and more.

Grand Sierra Resort offers free 24 hour access to our computer center with hotel keycard access. Our Executive Business Center also offers a range of services including faxing, copying, shipping, printing and much more.

Our friendly, supportive staff will make conducting "business as usual" a breeze. Our Executive Business Center is like bringing your own assistant with you on vacation or on your business trip.

Business Center Services

Black and White Prints or Copies

  • Single-sided = $0.25/page*
  • Double-sided = $0.32/page*

Color Prints or Copies

  • Single-sided = $0.99/page*
  • Double-sided $1.75/page*

*Quanity discount available after 15 copies. Sales tax does not apply to copy and print services

Fax Service

  • Domestic = $2.00/page - outgoing
  • International = $3.00/page - outgoing
  • Incoming = $100/page


  • scans = $1.00/page

Notary Service

  • Notary service is available by appointment only

Other Services

  • Binding
  • Laminating
  • Posters
  • See Team Member for details and pricing

Package Services

The Grand Sierra resort will accept and send packages on a guests' behalf. Guests will be charged a handling fee for any package we receive and for any package we send.

Package Fees

Fees are based on weight per package and pricing is as follows

  • 0-15 lbs. = $5.00
  • 16-30 lbs. = $10.00
  • 31-50 lbs. = $15.00
  • 51-75 lbs. = $20.00
  • 76-100 lbs. = $25.00
  • 101 lbs. or more = $0.35/pound
  • Pallets, skids, or crates = $125.00 plus $0.35/pound

Packages received more than three days prior to a guest's arrival will be charges an additional holding fee of $10.00/day

Shipping Services

  • USPS - delivery: after 3:00pm, Monday - Friday
  • Pick-up: 2:00pm, Monday - Friday
  • No USPS service available Saturday- Sunday
  • UPS - delivery: 10:30am - 5:00pm
  • Pick-up: 3:30pm, Monday - Friday
  • FedEx - service is available only to guests who have a FedEx account or guests who have preprinted FedEx Express or Ground* labels
  • Delivery: After 9:30am, Monday - Friday
  • Pick-up:3:30pm, Monday - Friday

*Ground packages require a scheduled pick-up