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$35,000 King of the Couch Slot Tournament

Come and join us on the casino floor this February 4-6, 2022 for your chance to win a top prize of $7,500 in cash or free play during the King of the Couch Slot Tournament! When you check in, pick your team: Feline Frenzy or Crazy Canines! Bonus prizes for the highest scoring team overall.

Slot Tournament Prize Structure

1st Place$1,000 Cash or Free Play
2nd – 19th Place$50 Free Play each
20th Place$500 Cash or Free Play
21st – 39th Place$50 Free Play each
40th Place$500 Cash or Free Play
41st – 59th Place$100 Free Play each
60th Place$400 Free Play
61st – 79th Place$50 Free Play each
80th Place$500 Free Play
81st – 96th Place$50 Free Play each
97th Place$500 Free Play
98th Place$1,000 Free Play
99th Place$1,200 Free Play
100th Place$6,500 Cash or Free Play each
101st Place$1,200 Free Play
102nd Place$800 Free Play
103rd Place$300 Free Play
104th – 119th Place$50 Free Play each
120th Place$500 Free Play
121st – 139th Place$25 Free Play each
140th Place$400 Free Play
141st – 159th Place$100 Free Play each
160th Place$500 Free Play
161st – 179th Place$50 Free Play each
180th Place$500 Cash or Free Play
181st – 199th Place$25 Free Play each
200th Place$100 Free Play
Winning Team$20 Free Play each

*Prize structure based on 500 entrants and may be adjusted based on final number of participants.