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Live Poker Room Promotions


From January 1 through April 2, 2019, guests can accumulate hours played on live games to earn cash on a weekly basis. Guest are only eligible to earn one award per week and hours played reset at 10:00am every Tuesday.

The awards are as follows:

  • 15 hours will earn $50
  • 25 hours will earn $150
  • 40 hours will earn $300

Every Tuesday, the Poker Manager will run a report in CMP to determine hours played for all players for the prior week. Award amounts will be kept on a sign off sheet in the poker room. All awards will be available starting on Wednesday and will expire if unclaimed by the following Wednesday. When a guest claims their award, they must sign for receipt along with a supervisor or above.

Guests that show up before the game starts may be tracked for play between the hours of 12:00pm and 1:30pm provided they have chips on the table and they stay in the room. Guests being tracked before the game begins must play once the table reaches 4 total guests or their rating will be voided. Guests that abuse this allowance will no longer be allowed to participate in the promotion.


  • Guests must be a member of Club Grand
  • Guests must check-in and out with the room supervisor at the start and end of all play sessions
  • It is the guest’s responsibility to ensure the accuracy of their ratings. Any discrepancies in play time must be brought to the attention of the supervisor within 24 hours of the time played. It is highly recommended that guests check their hours with the supervisor when leaving
  • Excessive lobbying will result in loss of play time up to and including time for the entire session



  • Hourly drawings with a winner chosen randomly from the guests currently playing
  • Guests can choose between $25 in chips or $50 in free play
  • Restrictions apply


  • Sunday through Thursday
  • From 11:00pm – 5:00am
  • Graveyard Comp Rate: $3


  • At least one game must be in action for a minimum of 45 minutes before the drawing time. Subsequent games are eligible from the first live hand dealt
  • Winners must be playing on a live game with jackpot participation
  • Must be seated and have had action in the current hand
  • Must not have any missed blind buttons
  • Must be a member of Club Grand
  • Free Play will be available within 24 hours


If your whole cards in any Omaha game are 4-of-a-kind you win $100 in chips!

  • Players do not need to play hand to showdown to qualify
  • Please inform the dealer to set the hand aside, should you choose to fold
  • No action necessary for hand to qualify
  • Management reserves the right to change or cancel at any time


High hand of the week in any mixed game will win $100 in chips!

  • Weekly winner paid Saturday evening
  • Do not have to be present to win
  • 4 of a kind or better to qualify
  • Minimum – $20 in the pot, 4 handed
  • Management reserves the right to change or cancel at any time


Texas Hold’em/7 Card Stud

  • Quads – $50
  • Straight Flush – $100
  • Royal Flush – $200


  • Quads – $25
  • Straight Flush – $50

Both cards must play for all hands, quads require a pocket pair. Minimum $20 in the pot with a jackpot drop being collected. All bonus hand awards are not required to remain on the table unless they have not been removed before a hand has been played.


Management reserves the right to change or cancel at any time.