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Caravana del Amor

Leo Dan con Mariachi!

The Caravana del Amor Tour is headlined by Argentine music legend Leo Dan.

Known for his unmistakable voice and sentimental lyrics, Leo Dan has experienced great success as a composer, singer, actor, politician and television host.

His first hit, “Celia”, placed him at Number 1 on Argentinian radio, followed by hits like “Fanny”, “Por un Caminito”, “Como te extraño, mi amor”, “Estelita”, “Libre solitario y sin nadie”, “Santiago querido”, and many more.

Three legends together for the first time!

  • Leo Dan
  • King Clave
  • Nestor Daniel

And Special Guests:

  • Los Terrciolas
  • Carlos Bardelli
  • Alex ‘El Genio’ Lucas



 Caravana del Amor
Caravana del Amor
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