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NPC Mother Lode (Rescheduled Date)

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We are extremely happy to announce the the NPC Mother Lode has been rescheduled!

It was our goal to consider a number of factors including participants’ prep schedules and ability to adjust and adapt to restrictions that may be making it necessary to rework their training routines.

It was also very important that we consider the entire NPC West Coast schedule and national shows. We avoided all conflicts with Northern Nevada and Northern California and national level shows.

Finally, we wanted to create what we hope is adequate time to assure that we will not have to again postpone the event.

The date we have chosen is Saturday, June 13, 2020.

The Greatest Bodybuilding Show on Earth

The NPC Mother Lode will be unlike any bodybuilding show you’ve ever seen. Pairing theatrics and art with the sculptures that are the athletic physique. The show will harken back to before the Golden Days of bodybuilding to a time when muscles could only be found at freak shows and inside dirty red and white striped tents.

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AM NPC Mother Lode (Rescheduled Date)
AM NPC Mother Lode (Rescheduled Date)
Grand Sierra Resort
2500 E 2nd St
Reno, NV 89595

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