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Burners Festival

This annual event in the Black Rock Desert has become a world-wide pilgrimage for Burners of all ages, races and lifestyles. Festival goers, known as ‘Burners’, descend upon Reno to participate in this temporary metropolis dedicated to art, self-expression and participation. The event attracts around 70,000 attendees each year – making this the largest pop-up festival city in the world – and includes awe-inspiring art sculptures, themed communal living areas, surprise DJ sets, and on the last Saturday night of the event, the burning of a large wooden effigy of man.

Reno is the closest city to the festival, situated a few hours drive from Black Rock City (depending on traffic to and from the event). Grand Sierra Resort has become the unofficial headquarters for pre- and post-Burn revelry and relaxation, and we are pleased to offer discount rates on post-Burn accommodation, as well as awesome DJ sets at The Pool and LEX Nightclub.


Black Rock Desert


Each year in August

More Information:

For a complete calendar of events visit the official festival website.