Environmental Responsibility

VERDE (Voluntary Employee Recycling Development Effort)

As a part of the Reno-Tahoe community the Grand Sierra Resort is committed to making the Truckee Meadows beautiful. Our commitment includes an employee driven environmentally responsible program called VERDE.

As homage to both our owner’s roots (he is Cuban-American) and our largely Hispanic staff and community we felt that VERDE (meaning “green” in Spanish) was an appropriate word and acronym for our commitment to being a green company, ensuring that Reno-Tahoe continues to stay beautiful for generations to come. The name VERDE was submitted by Mark McGuire, Security at the GSR.

The team’s focus is T.R.E.E.S.

T-Trip Advisor Green Leader by the end of this year

R- Recycling (currently, the property recycles fryer oil, cardboard, paper, metal). We have recently partnered with Rescued Wines, a local candle company, that recycles glass champagne bottles.

E- Energy Star Certification

E- Energy Savings and Sustainability

S- Service/Support Community Outreach

We are involved with:

Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful - cleaning up the area

Rescued Wine - making candles from old wine bottles