9 Tips for Spotting a Great Hotel Deal

Posted by Katy Kelly on Sep 12, 2015 9:00:00 AM

It's that time of year, whether you're planning an end of summer vacation or preparing for the busy holiday season, it’s time to choose your hotel, but how do you spot a great hotel deal? And what makes it right for you?

Searching-for-a-great-hotel-deal_640x360Is it the great rate, the impeccable service or the luxurious linens? Maybe it’s the amenities available on property that make it great. We believe traveling should be GRAND so we put together a list of nine tips for spotting a great hotel deal.

How to Spot a Great Hotel Deal:

1. Price

You know the commercials, the ones where the booking engines offer the best hotel deal available. But, did you know the best hotel deals can often be found on the hotel website itself? Many hotels participate in a “Best Rate Guarantee” program which guarantees you won’t find a better price for the hotel room than the one they offer.

Icon_Light-Bulb_32x32TIP: Book direct with the property to ensure you have the best hotel deal available.

2. Location

Be sure to look at a map so you can see the neighborhood your hotel is in and what is located nearby. Your hotel should be close to the activities you want to do or offer transportation (rental car service, limo, town car or shuttle) to get you where you want to go.

Icon_Light-Bulb_32x32TIP: Check to see if your hotel offers a shuttle to and from the airport

3. Amenities

It may not always be the first thing you think of when looking for a hotel deal, but knowing your hotel offers a range of amenities will make your vacation an even better deal. Amenities to look for: fitness center, spa, shopping, pool, fun activities, etc. to keep everyone busy and having fun. Keep in mind, most hotels charge a resort fee which is not included in the room price or taxes; but, often includes many of the amenities resorts offer (items such as WiFi, pool access, gym access, bottles of water, shuttle service, etc.).

Icon_Light-Bulb_32x32TIP: Ask the hotel what is included in your stay and what is extra.

4. Luxury

Some hotels are known for being budget friendly, while others are known for their lavish luxuries. But, a great hotel deal will be designed for both the budget conscious and luxury lovers. What better way to make your vacation better than to indulge on a budget!

Icon_Light-Bulb_32x32TIP: Ask about upgrades and special perks or extras when you upgrade.

5. Eco-friendliness

An eco-conscious hotel is not only a great hotel deal for you, but it is great for the environment as well. Between managing water and food waste, to electrical efficiency – there are plenty of opportunities for hotels to be more eco-friendly. Companies such as TripAdvisor award hotels for their strides in eco-friendly leadership and employ environmentally friendly practices. TripAdvisor gives a Green Leader Award to hotels that have demonstrated these practices.

Icon_Light-Bulb_32x32TIP: Look for hotels that display leadership in and have enviornmentally-friendly practices.

6. Service

Guests will tolerate a lot, but bad service is not one of them. Hotels should treat you like a very special guest, whether you book a standard room or the most expensive suite.

Icon_Light-Bulb_32x32TIP: Look for a hotel that has won service awards from reputable sources.

7. Friendliness

A warm and friendly hotel will make a lasting impression and can make or break your vacation. A great hotel deal is one that has a demonstrated history of creating an inviting atmosphere with employees that are warm and friendly. A good indication of their customer service is how they interact online. If they treat guests well online, chnaces are they will do so in person as well.

Icon_Light-Bulb_32x32TIP: Follow the hotel’s social media accounts to see and participate in the conversations.

8. Activities

Every vacation should be full of what you enjoy. A great hotel deal will include activities that are important to you – if it’s a family vacation, look for things to do for kids; if it’s an adult trip, a nightclub or lounge might be more your speed. Many times hotels will offer packages to entice you to stay with them. But, this is to your advantage - giving you what you want in a convenient package. 

Icon_Light-Bulb_32x32TIP: Ask about packages or options to add activities at the time of booking.

9. Reviews

Check out the reviews but, keep in mind, people will complain before they compliment. While reviews can give insight into a hotel, it is important to note experiences are personal and people will put all that emotion (excitement or disappointment) into their review.

Icon_Light-Bulb_32x32TIP: Look at all reviews and see how and what the hotel says in response to the reviews.

There you have it, our 9 tips for spotting a great hotel deal. We know it isn’t easy finding a hotel or resort that offers everything you are looking for so we hope this list helps you spot the best hotel deal for you. Remember, booking direct is often your best choice because third-party sites can't offer you the service, upgrades and packages that the hotel can.

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Note: TripAdvisor has created several award programs that signify excellence – Green Leaders (for environmentally friendly) and Service Excellence (based on travelers reviews) - both of which Grand Sierra Resort has been awarded.

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