After-Burn Party at GSR

Posted by Katy Kelly on Aug 28, 2015 4:46:48 PM

Decompress and Transition

After an amazing week in the Black Rock Desert you're in need of a place to decompress and transition back to reality and we have just the place and party for you – The Great Depressurization Chamber featuring the pool party at the Beach, Primus and Thomas Jack in the Summit Pavilion and late nights at LEX.


The Great depressurization Chamber hosted by GSR

Each year Grand Sierra Resort is host to The Great Depressurization Chamber - the after-burn party. We are excited to have a great line-up of artists and DJs who will get you moving and grooving and send you back to reality the right way.

Pool Party at the Beach


DJs: Mr. Rooney, CharlesTheFirst, Carlo, Georgette, Paranome, PRSN, Sean Murray, The Rhino


Djs: Professor Stone, SubDocta, Irieyes, Matt Haze, Coop Da Loop, divaDanielle, Micah j, DJ Dan


DJs: Zach Rawlinson, Desert Hearts’, Pool Party Takeover – Deep Jesus, Lee Reynolds, Marbs, Mikey Lion, Pork Chop

Performances in the Summit Pavilion


Primus and the Chocolate Factory with the Fungi Ensemble


Thomas Jack with Pumpkin

Late Nights at LEX Nightclub


DJs: Brass Tax, G.A.M.M.A., Rob Garza, DJ Rundown


DJs: MotorHome Music, Muppet Punk, Digital Rust, Barisone, Ardalan, The Librarian


DJs: Casey Kennedy, Flook, John Dutra (Sugar Showers), Miss Copper and her pet, Craigslist Hook-up, Little John

We have plenty going on to keep you dancing all day and night. Whether your floating in the pool and grooving to music at the Beach, chilling with our feature artists Primus and Thomas Jack in our expansive Summit Pavilion or dancing to the late night mixes from DJ’s going all night  – you can roam from one event to another as the mood strikes you.

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