America: Two Guys, 40 Years

Posted by Katy Kelly on Mar 9, 2016 2:14:00 PM

4 Decades of Success

Formed in England in 1970, America has rocked the music scene for more than 45 years and continues to record new albums and tour regularly.

america-band-2016.jpgKnown for their hit single “A Horse With No Name” the band formed shortly after graduating high school signing a record deal with Warner Bros. Records. The three men met when their fathers were stationed at a United States Air Force base near London. They developed a three-part vocal harmony similar to the style of contemporary folk-rock acts such as Crosby, Stills and Nash & Young.

America saw some impressive success in the early years including a No.1 hit, several albums (the second album was awarded a gold disc and won a Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 1972), as well as their first major gig in 1970 at “Implosion” at the Roundhouse, Chalk Farm as the opening act for The Who, Elton John, Patto, and The Chalk Farm Salvation Army Band and Choir during a Christmas Charity event. Despite their early success an exhaustive touring and recording schedule contributed to the trio losing a band mate and pressing forward as a duo. Instead of losing heart they immersed themselves in the music and their craft maturing as a singers, songwriters and performers.

“From their formative years, America has been a band capable of transcending borders with its uplifting music and positive message. Embracing a rainbow of divergent cultures, America's audiences continue to grow, comprising a loyal legion of first, second and third generation fans, all bearing testament to the group's enduring appeal. ‘I think that the ingredients of the America sound are the basic fundamentals that translate internationally,’ explains Beckley. ‘The Italians are huge fans of dance music, but they also love a ballad--they're romantic at heart. It's the same in the Far East. A lot of times in these countries, we see people singing along, and they don't really know what the words mean. Music is truly the international language.’”

Whether you know the words or not, their music has inspired, uplifted and been a positive message to music lovers of all generations. To learn more about when this band will be in Reno or to purchase tickets click the link.

Check them out before the show

Whether you a fan of the 70's rock music of America or your new to their trascendent sound, check out some of their top hits in our Spotify list below.

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