Favorite Fall Wedding Favors

Posted by Katy Kelly on Oct 19, 2015 9:24:02 AM

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

Planning a fall wedding? Don't forget the wedding favor - a way to say thank you to all your friends and family who have shared in your life and now your vows. While not required, a wedding favor is a nice way to send your guests off with a lovely reminder of your special day.

Whether you are going all DIY or just looking for some inspiration, here are our favorite fall wedding favors:

Hot cocoa


When there is a chill in the air, nothing warms the soul quite like a hot cup of cocoa. Take the dry ingredients and pour them into a vessel for a fun DIY at home your guests will enjoy.

Popular options include a glass or plastic vial with a cork stopper, a clear ornament, or a small jar like the one you see here. Tie each one with a bow and add your favorite recipe.




Find a local honey maker or stock up on some warehouse honey and pour into mini containers. Add a lid with an adorable and color coordinated wrapper for a sweet treat.

Attach a honey stick and a cute note like “Meant to Bee” and this wedding favor will surely bring a smile to your guest’s faces.


Candy Apple


Candy apples are an easy, sweet treat that your guests will love. Make a variety that include caramel, nuts, chocolate (dark and white), sprinkles - whatever you like.

Wrap them up, add a bow and your guests can treat themselves to a little gift of your sweet love.




Cinnamon and spice and everything nice…candles are a scented reminder to your guests of the love that burns between you and your partner.

Add your names and date for a personalized touch and don’t forget to coordinate with the theme of your wedding.


Mulling Spices


Giving something to someone that you made with them in mind is the ultimate gift. And fall is the perfect time for mulling spices.

Buy these spices in bulk and divide into smaller portions for a fragrant reminder of the beginning of the next chapter of your life together.


Carmel Corn

Carmel corn is a sweet remider of fall festivities and is another tasty treat for your guests to take with them. Now, everytime they treat themselves to carmel corn, your wedding will come to mind.

This is easy to DIY – whether you make it at home or buy in bulk this flavorful favor is one your guests will love.


Cookie Cutters

Leaf or pumpkin shaped cookie cutters make great favors and since cookies seem to be a staple around the holidays, will definitely be used year after year.

Give this favor and attach your favorite cookie recipe. They can make their own sweet treat and remember you as they do it!


Bottle Opener or Wine Stopper


If your guests are of age, then treat them to a gift they can use over and over again. A wine opener, wine stopper or other bottle opener make great favors.

It's small and easy for your guest to take home. Ask them to take one per family and you have a favor your guests will flock to!


Pumpkin seeds


You can almost never go wrong with food as your wedding favor. For a favorite fall favor, we suggest pumpkin seeds. Buy a bag in bulk - either roasted or do it yourself and scoop into personalized gift bags.

This is a yummy treat that can be enjoyed on the way home or in between dances!


Iris (or other plant-able) bulbs


A great gift that benefits everyone is a plant. It is environmentally awesome and will remind your guest’s of your love every time it blooms.

Wrap it with a note that says, “Watch our love grow” and watch your guest’s faces bloom with love for you!


Whatever your theme or color choice for your fall wedding these favorite fall wedding favors are a great way to incorporate the season with your special day!

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