Fun Ideas For Your Spring Wedding

Posted by Katy Kelly on Jan 30, 2016 9:00:00 AM

Spring is a time when the earth comes to life after a long dormant winter. We shed our heavy woolen layers and opt for lighter fabrics, brighter colors, and add a touch of whimsy in our accessories. This is true when planning a spring wedding as well.


In a time of year when new life blossoms and the newness and freshness is adorable – consider using that to your advantage for a spring wedding. When we consult with a bride and groom about their upcoming nuptials, we listen to their vision and then we present a variety of seasonally relevant creative touches they can add to make their ceremony and reception unique.

Touch of Spring For Your Wedding:

Colorful Underskirt

A trend that is becoming increasingly popular is incorporating one of your wedding colors into the underskirt of your dress. It adds a pop of color without taking away from the look of a white gown.

Off-the-shoulder necklines

Nothing says spring (and sexy) like peeling away the layers and showing some skin. In addition to strapless consider some alternative necklines such as off the shoulder. It has a romantic flair to any style dress.

Detachable Pieces

Try adding detachable pieces wither to your headpiece or your gown. This way you keep the wedding look with two different feels for ceremony and reception.

Layered and Lighter Fabrics

While spring has us wanting to shed layers, not all venues are appropriate for strapless or off-the-shoulder necklines. Add a lace top that you can wear during your ceremony, but remove for your celebration. Consider the same concept for your dress. A long, elaborate, ruffled dress might be your dream for walking down the aisle. But, when it comes to kicking up your heels and dancing the night away a full, heavy dress can get in the way. Have your seamstress make the bottom portion of your dress detachable so that you can dance carefree all night long.

Incorporate Nature

Since spring is all about nature coming back to life, it makes sense to incorporate it into your wedding day. This is the beginning of the rest of your lives. Use the spring to frame the love you two will nurture to create a strong and lasting bond.

Go short(er)

Tradition shows that women wear long, white gowns for this special day. But as the temperature rises being covered from head to toe is the last thing anyone wants. Especially after a long winter. Consider your theme and venue – perhaps a tea length dress would be appropriate.

Add Whimsy

Wwhether it’s a piece for your hair, or touch to your bouquet. There are plenty of opportunities to add a touch of whimsy to your day.

Vibrant, Contrasting Colors

When spring comes, nature is on full color display. Life is new and so are the colors. While pastels may be traditional, vibrant colors will remind you of the new year and your new life together.

Flower Halo

Cchildren are often seen as angelic so why not play to this by adding a floral halo to adorn your flower girls luscious locks.

Coordinate the ring bearer

Don’t forget to include the ring bearer. He won’t want to be left out! Tie the rings in a pouch to a flower halo he carries. Or for a more masculine touch make it an evergreen or olive branch wreath.

Nature and spring are full of ideas for adding a little fun and whimsy to any wedding. Not sure how to make it work with your vision? Give one of our consultants a call at 800-255-1771 or click the button below and we can show you how.

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