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Posted by Katy Kelly on Nov 30, 2015 4:10:59 PM

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Do you have a table game you like to play when you come to Grand Sierra Resort? Have you thought about trying a new game? In an effort to educate players about the different casino table games we offer as well as entice you to play we are writing a series of articles based on our Table Games Blowout promotion.

Over the next nine weeks we will walk through the different games available as well as how you are able to earn entries into the $50,000 Table Games Blowout including what the qualifying hands are and tips on how to play - in case you want to get in on the game.



When the dice are hot, so is the crowd! You know the table where you hear cheering and see people high-fiving or clapping? That’s the Craps table. It is a fast-paced game with the widest variety of bets available and several bets per player on the table at one time.

Intimidated? Don’t be, it looks much more complicated than it actually is. Craps is a dice game of repeated numbers with the roll of the dice. Players make wagers on what they think the outcome of the roll of a pair of dice or a series of rolls will be.

To learn more about the game of craps, click this link.

Tips for Betting in Craps

  1. The easiest bet to start with is the Pass/Don’t Pass.
  2. When you are on a roll stack it up or let it ride.
  3. Ask the dealer. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or ask them how to take odds.

Qualifying Hand: 11

To earn entries into the $50,000 Table Games Blowout, the qualifying roll is an outcome of 11 to the player with a bet on 11. You may hear experienced Craps players yell “Yo” or “Yo 11”; the reason for this is to distinguish it from seven.

Often this bet is placed on the “come-out” roll and is a single-roll bet. The payout for this bet is $15 to every $1 bet, so you can win big.

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