Sports Betting Explained

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sports-betting-explained_1Reno is a sports betting paradise and Grand Sierra Resort has the grandest gambling experience in the area. In fact, we’re not only the largest casino in Reno, but we’re the largest across Northern Nevada, as well! Our sports book is a must-visit, but what should you know before you play?

Here, we’ll outline everything you need to know about sports betting, including tips and tricks, the different types of bets, and sports book etiquette. You’ll be a betting expert in no time.

What is Sports Betting?

Sports betting is placing a wager on the results of a sporting event. This could include NFL games, college football, NBA games, and more. But it’s more than just predicting the score. Sports betting gets into statistics, probability, education - the list goes on! It can be online or in select states, like Nevada.

Sports to Bet On

When people think of sports betting, their mind often jumps to major games like the Super Bowl, NBA Finals, or World Series. But, there are many other sports to consider. Below are some of the most common sports to bet on, including their most basic wager explained:

  • Auto Racing - When people bet on auto racing, they often wager on the winning driver. You can also bet on a head-to-head driver wager, which car manufacturer will win the race, or how many cautions there will be.
  • Baseball - When betting on baseball, you can choose the winning team or bet on the total runs scored in a game (often called the over/under wager). You can also combine several teams into one wager, which are called baseball parlays.
  • Basketball - The most common basketball bets are predicting the winner and the game’s point spread. “Covering the spread” means that a team must win (or not lose) by a certain amount of points.
  • Boxing - Boxing is a common sport to bet on. Most people try to predict the winner, but you can also bet on knockouts, draws, rounds, and the duration of the fight.
  • UFC/MMA - The Moneyline bet, or Match Bet is to bet on which fighter you think will win the match. You can also bet on aspects of the fight, such as how many rounds it will go.
  • Football - Football is likely the most common sport to bet on. Bets can be choosing the winning team, the point spread, the total points scored during the game, and others.
  • Soccer - In addition to betting on which team will come out of the match victorious, you can also bet on things like the over/under in goals scored, what the halftime score will be, or who will score the first goal.
  • Golf - In golf, the most common thing to bet on is which golfer will win a tournament, but you can also place side bets on head-to-head matchups or groups of three.

Tips for Beginners

Now that you understand some of the most basic bets, let’s look at some tips, tricks, and advice to help increase your odds.

Start Small

Sports betting can be overwhelming for beginners, so it’s a good idea to start small and keep it simple. Avoid the more complicated bets and keep your wagers low. Once you have a few bets under your belt, you can start exploring the realm of complicated parlays and point spreads as explained above. Playing the “Money Line” is betting on the winner.

Do Your Research

Doing your research before approaching the ticket window will pay off. While the clerks are knowledgeable and willing to help, having a solid understanding of your bet will help avoid frustrating miscommunications. Use the casino’s resources, such as pamphlets and information sheets, to help you with the details.

Sports Book Etiquette

Reno sports books come with unspoken etiquette guidelines and learning them will make you look like a pro. First, have your bet ready to streamline the process at the ticket window. This is especially important on busy days, as the lines will be long and a concise interaction with the clerk will be greatly appreciated.

Next, avoid talking too much to the other patrons about your bet, their bet, superstition, or your opinions. While brief conversations are appropriate, make sure you’re not bombarding the other person with unsolicited advice.

Lastly, respect the space and the waitstaff. As you hang out in the sportsbook, tip the waitstaff well and be polite when they serve you. We’re here to make your experience a great one.

Sports betting may seem overwhelming, but once you know what you’re doing it’s a fun way to watch the game, make friends, and hopefully win a little money! Visit the Grand Sierra Resort sportsbook in Reno today.


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