GSR Beginner's Guide: Casino Table Games

Posted by Alex D'Antonio on Apr 10, 2017 9:00:00 AM

GSR’s relaxed gaming atmosphere and almost endless selection of casino table games makes it easy to connect, whether you experience Grand Sierra Resort (GSR) with a group of friends or on your own.

For new players, debonair James Bond’s portrayal of casino table games might bring to mind an exclusive, high-stakes allure. In reality, table games can make for a fun, casual social experience.


Table basics

As the name suggests, table games invite players to gather around a table, differing from the individual engagement on mechanical devices such as video slot machines. Though casino games played at a table run the gamut of skill and ability level, they generally include card games, number games, dice, or tile games. A live dealer tends all casino game tables.

At GSR, casino table games include baccarat, blackjack, craps, poker (also including Pai Gow, Three Card variations), Pai Gow Tiles, and roulette.

Make the most of your visit

  1. Time your visit. Casinos tend to peak between 11 p.m. and midnight, especially on weekends. Higher demand means tables with conservative minimums fill quickly and table price minimums rise.
  2. Keep it social. Table games are social events. Like-minded gamers show up during peak hours for more than just gaming. The festive atmosphere of busier weekends translates to a friendly, good-times mood.
  3. Capture the fun. A great table game experience hinges on the personality of the dealer and camaraderie of the crowd. Walk around the room to find a casino table vibe that fits your mood.
  4. Place your bet. Casino table games offer a range of options. As you learn, mitigate risk by joining tables with lower minimum bets. These tables also tend to draw crowds ready to enjoy the action.
  5. Learn from others. Don’t hesitate to learn the ropes by observing the energy at a higher-stakes table. Be respectful of personal space, and keep questions to a polite minimum. If venturing to the high stakes room, carefully maintain the more exclusive, serious vibe.
  6. Get in on the game. Weekly special events and tournaments at GSR give you even more reasons to play. Mondays won’t ever be the same with GSR’s Monday Night Blackjack Tournament. GSR offers lots of fun poker promotions, plus a daily Texas Hold ’em Poker Tournament and a new First Sunday Poker Tournament
  7. Got questions? Take advantage of complimentary in-person instruction, and don’t hesitate to ask the dealer about rules and protocol.
  8. Resist temptation. Before you saddle up to a table, keep in mind that photography and personal electronic devices are not generally in line with casino etiquette. Check in with security before you take a few post-worthy shots.
  9. Light up. GSR permits smoking in the casino, with designated non-smoking areas. If you prefer a non-smoking area, enjoy a table on Saturday and Sunday afternoons that displays a non-smoking placard.
  10. Sign up. Make every bet a winner. Keep your Club Grand membership card at the ready. Dealers will ask for your card before you place your bet. Earn benefits for perks like free anytime play and valuable point multipliers. 

Blackjack opens up an exciting way to engage at GSR. As you begin your journey, our team of casino hosts looks forward to welcoming you and answering your questions. We strive to make sure you enjoy every moment as you explore a new game. Come find your perfect table at GSR, where everyone finds a reason to celebrate.

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