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Grand Sierra Resort

“The Blossom” Chandelier

Gracing the entrance to Grand Sierra Resort is an amazing original work of art designed by Nancy Paolino of Innovativo Design LLC – “The Blossom” Chandelier.

Facts & Figures

Here are some illuminating points about this one-of-kind creation,

  • It is 36 feet in diameter
  • It weighs 16,500 lbs (over 8 tons)
  • Over 600,000 Egyptian crystals were installed (knitted) by hand to the sculpted brass frame structure
  • There are 480 spotlights and 5,000 LED lights that collectively illuminate the chandelier utilizing a total of over 10,500 watts

The custom chandelier took over 18 months to design, engineer, and manufacture.
The chandelier was completely assembled on a custom-built steel structure at the factory prior to shipping.

Design Inspiration and symbolic meaning of “The Blossom” Chandelier:
The fixture design was inspired by the beauty and symbolism of the Cherry Tree. The cherry blossom, or Sakura in the Japanese language, evokes purity and renewal. It is a sign of wealth and good luck. The important ancient tradition of viewing the cherry blossom called Hanami is connected to Japanese culture. Today, other countries including Europe and the United States celebrate the symbolic value attributed to this special tree.

19 is Prime

There are 19 butterflies that adorn the chandelier. The number 19 is an auspicious number that represents success and honor in Chinese numerology. 19 is associated with Kuan Yin, the goddess of mercy and compassion. She is said to be the most popular goddess in Asia. The number 19 is a highly meaningful number signifying rebirth, and therefore, intrinsically connects to the cherry blossom. And, on March 19, 1931, Nevada legalized gambling.

The Mosaic Floor

Accompanying “The Blossom” Chandelier is a spectacular mosaic tile floor. The mosaic floor, which incorporates butterfly designs and continues the theme from the chandelier, is made up of over 135,000 hand-laid tiles and were installed in 407 sections.