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The A Executive Suite view of dining lounge and bedroom areas.

GSR Cares

Grand Sierra Resort is committed to giving back to the community both in charity and by doing our part to ensure we are environmentally responsible. We have two divisions within the GSR Cares umbrella. Our charitable work, as noted by the heart, and our environmental efforts, as noted by the leaf.
GSR Cares

About Our Community

Grand Sierra Resort cares and is a proud supporter of the Reno community.

GSR Cares Mission Statement

Grand Sierra Resort and Casino is committed to being a model community steward. As such, the mission of GSR Cares is to support worthwhile initiatives as well as local and community-minded organizations and charities that help elevate our region and benefit those in need.

Grand Hero Recognition Program


Grand Sierra Resort wants to thank everyday heroes for making our community safe and prosperous.

If you know a healthcare worker, first responder, teacher, etc. doing grand work in the area, we want to reward them with a complimentary two-night stay, food and beverage credit, and a relaxing massage in our first-class spa to show our gratitude.

Use the Grand Hero Nomination Form to nominate a Grand Hero that deserves a few nights away at Northern Nevada’s premier resort destination. We will be selecting a winner once a month.

Grand Hero Nomination Form

GSR Cares

About the Environment

As the largest resort and casino in Northern Nevada, we understand the importance of our environmental impact and have taken steps to improve how we operate in order to increase our energy efficiency, reduce waste and boost our water conservation.

We are working toward more than a recycling program, but actively looking for ways to sustain and support our community. We are exploring, investing in, and implementing new ways of doing business and adopting sustainable practices.

Ways that we have already achieved this is through collaborating with our vendors to ensure we purchase products that conserve energy, reduce waste through sustainable or biodegradable products, and inspiring, educating and assisting our team members in actively practicing environmental responsibility – both as team members and as members of our community.

What You Can See

  • New programmable thermostats
  • Energy-efficient lighting both indoors and out
  • New recycling bins (coming soon)
  • Electric car charging stations
  • TripAdvisor Green Leader status
  • Low-flow showerheads

What You Can’t See

  • Increased chiller efficiency
  • Energy efficiency
  • Recycling
  • Water conservation efforts
  • Procurement of eco-friendly products
  • More efficient laundry processes

Where We See Ourselves

Community Action

We believe that being a green leader is more than an internal effort to do better. We must do our part to give back to the Reno community as well. Our unique location in the Truckee Meadows gives us both an opportunity and a responsibility to do everything we can to keep our property as well as the nearby Truckee River clean.

We also welcome new opportunities to give back to the community – whether that’s volunteering at community projects, working with local groups such as the Food Bank of Northern Nevada or Vaughn Middle School, or hosting events like Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure that benefit the Reno community.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We have changed the way we handle waste, including food and garbage. We are already separating trash, waste, and recyclables behind the scenes and we are adding recycling bins in each of our guest rooms. We will continue to look for ways we can reduce the waste we create, reuse products we acquire, or recycle them through official programs.

Efficiency and Sustainability

Over the past several years we have made great strides in our energy efficiency such as improving our cooling and heating systems and replacing energy-wasting light bulbs with energy-efficient ones throughout the property.

We are committed to being a sustainable property by choosing to purchase green products when possible that include biodegradable and recycled materials, without sacrificing quality.