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Grand Sierra Resort features more than 200,000 square feet of flexible meeting space and 45 meeting rooms located in a separate wing of the resort (away from the lobby and casino area) and is accessible directly from the guest room elevators.

From the 1,188 square foot executive-style Board Room to the 40,500 square foot Grand Ballroom, complete with crystal chandeliers and custom luxury fabrics, Grand Sierra Resort can accommodate groups from 10 to 4,000 people with more than 45 breakout rooms.

Job Fair for The Pool at Grand Sierra Resort held inside LEX Nightclub May 22, 23, 29 & 30, 2024

Ready to embark on a grand career? From guest services to back-of-house, Grand Sierra Resort and Casino offers a wide range of exciting career opportunities. If you take pride in your work and want to be part of a group that thrives on excellence, we want you.

Newly Increased Wages and Benefits

We offer highly-competitive perks for our Grand Team!

  • Comprehensive Benefits (Medical, Dental, Vision, Supplemental Coverage)
  • 401K Retirement Plan
  • Paid Time Off (Vacation Pay)
  • Discounted Regional Bus Pass
  • Free Daily Meals
  • Team Member Recognition Awards
  • Team Member of the Year Recognition
  • Free Team Member Fitness Center
  • Restaurant Discounts
  • Discounted/Free Concert Tickets for Certain Shows
  • GSR Retail Shopping Discounts
  • And much more…

Search Jobs & Apply Today

Buscar trabajos y aplicar hoy

Why Grand Sierra Resort and Casino?

Pride in delivering stellar guest service is a driving force at Grand Sierra Resort and Casino – and it shows. GSR has been voted best hotel and casino in Reno year after year. From awards like Best Overall Gaming Resort and Best Hotel to Best Pool, Best Variety of Restaurants – even Best Place to People Watch – our swag of accolades wouldn’t be possible without our amazing employees. As part of the GSR team, your talent and dedication will be well rewarded.

Living in Reno

Moving to Reno? The Biggest Little City has consistently been voted one of the nation’s Top 100 places to live. Find out more about Reno, Nevada’s ranking information at

From its thriving arts and culture scene to its vibrant casinos, trendy bars and dining, non-stop nightlife, and many scenic parks, Reno has something to offer everyone. Plus, its close proximity to Lake Tahoe and outdoor adventures like skiing, hiking, fishing, and boating, makes Reno the perfect place to explore the outdoors. Check out some highlights of the region here.

And read why Reno was recently ranked #6 among America’s Best Small Cities, as increasing numbers of talented workers discover its abundant work opportunities and lifestyle benefits. Read the report here.

Team Grand Spotlights

GSR is proud to shine the light on these essential Team Members who are exemplary representatives of the service standards that sets Grand Sierra Resort apart. 

  • Billy Cooper
  • Kim Cu
  • Sean Flynn
  • Trevor Jensen
  • Xing Li
  • Katherine Mullins
  • Zakotah Sevon
  • Victoria Sweedler
  • Michelle Talley
  • Phat Vong
  • Jason Wagner
  • Peter Yee

Billy Cooper, Bell Person

Team Grand Spotlight Billy Cooper

Want to meet someone with the hospitality gene? Billy Cooper is your guy.

“I started at 15-years-old in Northern Arizona near the Grand Canyon at a lodge with a big lake,” Cooper said. “Worked on big house boats and with the tour buses, that’s where I got my experience.”

Born in Ely, Nevada, Cooper found himself back in the Silver State in 1988 where he got a job at the 600-room Flamingo Hilton, shortly thereafter…Cooper landed at Reno Hilton. It has been 19 years on property since and he hasn’t lost his passion for meeting people.

“It’s a great industry to be in if you love people,” Cooper said. “Working at GSR has really helped me grow and become relatable. That is interacting with other team members and guests from all different walks of life.”

Cooper has a unique set of responsibilities as a bell person. He handles everything from luggage, transportation, checking people in and out, and even answers questions as a concierge. He takes extreme pride in his work and Grand Sierra Resort wishes they had an entire staff of Billy Coopers.

Kim Cu, Cook II Food & Beverage

Team Grand Spotlight Kim Cu

Kim Cu has the most fun at GSR and sometimes it comes at the expense of her best friends in the kitchen.

“To make the day go by faster, I’m always picking on people,” Cu said with a sarcastic smile. “Working at a big casino, it’s just more fun.”

That’s a privilege reserved for someone who has been on property for 41 years. Cu started as a dishwasher for MGM Grand in the late 1970s and her positive energy and huge smile has radiated the hallways ever since.

Now a Cook II, Cu is responsible for managing the high standards of taste and presentation across multiple restaurants on property.

Born in Vietnam but of Chinese decent, Cu is a true success story with a wealth of knowledge and has been an incredible role model for many other cooks over the years. She is truly a team member GSR is proud to call one their own.

Sean Flynn, Slot Tech

Team Grand Spotlight Sean Flynn

Starting off as an apprentice five years ago, Sean Flynn has risen to be one of the best slot techs on property. He credits those around him for showing him the ropes.

“I got my work ethic right here at GSR,” Flynn said.

His role is simple yet complex at the same time, make sure the slot machines work and assist the guest when they don’t.

“It’s good steady work here which allows me to have a good future,” Flynn said. “But my favorite part about working here is definitely the people.”

Grand Sierra Resort is lucky to have people like Flynn on the team. Say hi if you see him on the casino floor!

Trevor Jensen, Shift Lead, EVS Swing Shift

Team Grand Spotlight Trevor Jensen

Trevor Jensen eats, sleeps, and breathes Grand Sierra Resort.

“It’s much more than work to me,” Jensen said. “It’s about helping guests, helping the community. We are family at GSR. I care a lot about my employees and I care about every team member here.”

For the past eight years, Jensen has been a part of the EVS department and a key factor in upholding the extremely high cleanliness standards for the entire resort.

He got his start at a job fair and since has risen through the ranks, displaying a work ethic second to none.

“I started at the bottom,” Jensen said. “First by literally cleaning ashtrays on the casino floor and then moving my way up. Without Santiago Gonzalez (Director of EVS), I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

“Moving up” is a light way of putting it. Jensen was even named hotel division 2019 Team Member of the Year — an honor reserved only for the best. And in true Trevor fashion, he’s quick to give credit back to GSR.

“It is an entire culture of winning. I never want to be with a company that does not take pride in their employees,” Jensen said. “From free meals to free bus passes to even giving free vaccinations, these are things not every company is willing to do. This is a company with a lot of values.”

Jensen is an incredible example of Grand service and we are so proud to have him on our team.

Xing Li, Table Games Dealer

Team Grand Spotlight Xing Li

Running a first-class casino means employing first-class table game dealers. With over eight years of experience at GSR alone, Xing Li definitely falls into that category.

Her job duties include dealing for every table game on the casino floor and she is one of the best in the business.

“I really love working here,” Li said. “It’s a big family.”

We are so happy Li loves working here, because Grand Sierra Resort loves her.

Katherine Mullins, Recruitment Manager

Team Grand Spotlight Katherine Mullins

Pick up a dictionary, look up “Jack-of-all-trades” — there you will find a photo of Katherine Mullins.

“There is not a task she is not willing to tackle and Katherine is always willing to step in and help other departments when duty calls,” Executive Director of Marketing Kaycea Grignon-Wallin said. “She has a fantastic ‘can-do’ attitude!”

Initially joining Team Grand in November 2016 as a VIP Representative, she later moved on to a Rewards Desk Representative and then promoted to Marketing Manager. After excelling in these different roles, Mullins’ versatility has recently taken her to a very important Recruitment Manager position.

“I’ve learned a ton from being in different departments,” Mullins said. “It’s how I got where I am today and will definitely help me identify the very best candidates and team members for GSR.

And while her resume may be large, there is a trait that isn’t on paper, but is one of Mullins’ best — compassion.

“GSR means family to me,” Mullins said. “No matter what department I am in, I’ve always bonded with other team members. It’s very important to me.”

Katherine is the perfect person to lead recruiting efforts and GSR is excited to see the next wave of talented and kind people she brings to Grand Sierra Resort.

Zakotah Sevon, Lead Server, The Pool

Team Grand Spotlight Zakotah Sevon

She has only been with Grand Sierra Resort for two years, but Zakotah Sevon is a seasoned veteran at the Pool.

“I just take it one day at a time, I just keep coming back every day and trying my hardest,” Sevon said. “My mom taught me hard work really pays off.”

A true natural when it comes to guest service, Sevon is responsible for catering to our guests at both the main pool and cabanas. Whether that is taking food or drink orders, cleaning up, or responding to various asks and needs, she works with an incredibly positive attitude and smile on her face at all times.

“My favorite part about GSR is just the people,” Sevon said. “My co-workers and the guests I get to serve every day! GSR is just so well known, a world-class venue — I’ve always wanted to work here.”

If you are looking for Grand service, make sure to stop by the pool and ask for Zakotah.

Victoria Sweedler, Box Office Supervisor

Team Grand Spotlight Victoria Sweedler

You won’t find someone as sweet, funny, or caring as Victoria Sweedler on property.

“It’s the largest and best resort in Reno,” Sweedler said. “It’s a great place to work.”

She started at GSR about six years ago after being hired at a job fair for a position at the front desk. Since then, Sweedler has jumped at every opportunity that has come her way.

Especially when the Grand Theatre was looking for their next box office agent, she couldn’t pass it up. From there, she’s proven with hard work and dedication why she is one of the best team members Grand Sierra Resort has to offer.

“I get my work ethic from my mom,” Sweedler said. “She taught me at a very young age to work hard for what you earn.”

From dealing with guest issues to handling ticketing for live events, as the box office supervisor, Sweedler makes sure that everything is smooth sailing before guests enjoy the show. “Come join us here because there are a lot of opportunities,” Sweedler said. “If you don’t like one position, you have the opportunity for another, and you learn a lot of great job skills.”

Michelle Talley, Front Desk Agent

Team Grand Spotlight Michelle Talley

Hard-worker and go-getter are two ways to describe Michelle Talley.

“When I moved to Reno, I was looking for a job and was referred to GSR because they told me it was the best casino in town,” Talley exclaimed.

She got her start in the call center about a year ago but has recently transferred to the front desk. As a front desk agent, she is responsible for checking guests in and out, answering questions, and helping when issues arise.

“I was nervous at first, but I got the hang of it,” Talley said. “I read a lot of books about work ethic and I also attended some hiring workshops.”

With Talley’s passion for her job and the desire to get better, there truly is no limit for her at Grand Sierra Resort.

“It’s a privilege to work here, GSR is blossoming,” Talley said. “It’s so exciting to be a part of all the different changes that we are going through to constantly be better and better.”

Phat Vong, Front Desk Agent

Team Grand Spotlight Phat Vong

Family plays a huge part here at GSR, just ask Phat Vong. He works at Grand Sierra Resort with both of his parents who have been on property since 2006.

Having moved from Vietnam to the United States at the age of three, Vong watched as his parents initially worked two jobs when first coming to the country and credits his work ethic to the both of them.

“We value each other, we value one team, one goal, one mind,” Vong said. “Being at GSR makes me feel like I am supported by everyone and every department.”

Getting his start in 2019 at 2nd Street Café, Vong has since transitioned to the front desk. As a front desk agent, he currently assists guests by checking them in or out, answering questions about their stay, and helping when problems arise.

“It’s a great place to work and develop my skills in hospitality,” Vong said. “It also allows me to pay for my school myself without the help of my parents.”

Vong plays an essential role and we are very happy to have him. If you ever find yourself at the front desk, don’t be afraid to say, 'Hi.'

Jason Wagner, Slots Performance Manager

Team Grand Spotlight Jason Wagner

It’s been 8 years since Jason Wagner stepped foot on property and GSR is sure thankful to have him.

“Michael Altizer BEGGED me to come aboard,” Wagner said with a chuckle.

Altizer, Grand Sierra Resort’s former Director of Slot Operations, really hit the jackpot with Wagner.

His knowledge and work ethic has been an incredible asset to the team and have allowed him to ascend from slot operations to casino shift manager, and to his current role as slot performance manager.

Wagner holds about as important of a job as anyone in the casino. He is responsible for making sure all the slot machines on the floor perform to the best of their ability. As we know, it’s tough to have a successful casino without successful slots.

“My favorite part about working at GSR is the environment, everyone is family,” Wagner said.

Peter Yee, Table Games Dealer

Team Grand Spotlight Peter Yee

It’s impossible not to be smiling when you’re around Peter Yee — his positive attitude is infectious.

“The atmosphere is so awesome and my co-workers are so nice,” Yee said. “It makes coming to work every day fun,” Yee said.

Born and raised in the Biggest Little City, Yee got his start on property with Reno Hilton in 1997 as a waiter. Wanting a new and exciting change, he switched to the world of table games. How can you not have fun with “game” in your title?

And for about 20 years now, Yee is one of the best table game dealers we have to offer. From ensuring game quality to assisting guests, he has a busy job but wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I get to meet new people every day, it’s so fun,” Yee said. “It’s a great place to work.”

Never change Peter, keep having fun! GSR is honored to call you a team member.

Associations & Recognition

Patriot-Employer-Program-logo_color_2to1 The Patriot Employer Program provides businesses like GSR with services to hire employees who’ve already proven to be successful. Learn More >

Grand Sierra Resort is certified as a minority-owned business by National Minority Supplier Development Council. Learn More >


GSR was recently awarded this annual honor for remarkable standards of excellence in service and amenities. Learn More >


Grand Sierra Resort was recently awarded Best Casino/Gaming Hotel in the Smart Meetings Reader’s Choice Awards. Learn More >