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Spa massage therapy on a female client.

Massages & Treatments

Massage Therapies

Grand Signature

50 minutes $155
80 minutes $205
110 minutes $275

Enjoy a classic Swedish massage with the added benefit of Aromatherapy for both inhalation and body application. At the time of check-in, choose essential oil to enrich your massage experience adding both therapeutic benefits and mental wellbeing.

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Deep Tissue

50 minutes $155
80 minutes $205
110 minutes $275

Eliminate the body’s toxins through dynamic kneading & stroking techniques developed to relieve stress & muscle tension while increasing vitality & flexibility through increased blood flow. Strong pressure is applied, working expertly into the deeper muscle layers. This massage is best recommended for those who receive regular bodywork.

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Sports Massage

50 minutes $175 | 1-2 targeted areas
80 minutes $215 | whole body
110 minutes $295 | whole body

Designed for those with physically demanding lifestyles. This massage incorporates passive and active stretching techniques while targeting areas of high impact and muscle strain. Hot stones are used to help ease the tension of tight muscles followed with Biofreeze for continued pain relief long after your massage has ended.

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The Sticks

75 minutes $190

This exotic treatment utilizes warmed bamboo sticks which are used in rhythmic strokes to decompress sore muscles while detoxifying and soothing the skin. The bamboo sticks easily locate muscle tension and treat trigger points.

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The Stones

75 minutes $190

Using heated basalt stones & Himalayan salt stones to warm, soften, & detox the muscles tissues, our therapists create a truly therapeutic & relaxing escape. Basalt stones, a volcanic rock, retains heat to ease muscle tension, pain, increase blood flow, reducing stress & anxiety, & promote healthier sleep. Himalayan salt stones contain 84 naturally occurring minerals & can help reduce inflammation. The minerals in the Himalayan salt stones also assist in the detoxification process of massage.

NOTE: Heat treatments are not recommended for guests who are heat sensitive, have heart conditions, or are pregnant.

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50 minutes $145
80 minutes $185

Designed to nurture the expectant mother and baby, our therapists are trained to relieve the unique stresses & strains experienced during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy. The guest may choose either side-lying or maternity system cushions which allow a face-down massage experience through the 3rd trimester to ensure individual comfort. With the extended 80-minute service time, Mother to be gets to choose between The Grand Foot Treatment and The Grand Scalp Massage for the last 30 minutes of her treatment. Massage Therapies

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50 minutes $145
80 minutes $185
110 minutes $255

A gentle, soothing tradition, this classic full-body massage combines long, gliding hand strokes & the kneading of the individual muscles to relieve tension, stimulate circulation, & improve tone.

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Grand Sample

25 minutes $90

A neck, back, & shoulder massage to help relieve stress for the person on the go.

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Grand Foot Treatment

25 minutes $105
50 minutes $160

Relax and enjoy this soothing foot treatment. Coconut Sugar scrub is applied to your feet and calves exfoliating your skin to a healthy glow. After the scrub is removed, rich blueberry massage souffle’ will be massaged into your skin melting away the stresses of the day. The 25 minute service time allows for a 10 minute foot/calf massage while the 50 minute treatment allows for a full 35 minute massage.

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Grand Moroccan Oil Scalp Treatment

25 minutes $95

Experience the Essence of Morocco with our Moroccan Oil hair treatment. Warmed scalp oil will be applied directly to your scalp and massaged in for maximum absorption. Followed with Moroccan Oil’s smoothing hair mask combed through your hair. This treatment offers a plethora of hydration and nourishment for stressed dull hair.

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Couples Massages

Additional per Couple Fee $10
Call for Availability

Double the relaxation when you make any of our 50-minute, 80-minute & 110-minute massage therapies and enjoy them as a couple. Couples massages take place in our couple’s suite by couples, friends, or anyone wanting more “together time.” Please call ahead to request the couples room at time of booking to ensure the suite’s availability. Massage rates are based on a per-person basis and there is an additional $10 fee per couple to be in the couple’s suite. Services that may be enjoyed as a couple’s massage include: The Grand Signature, The Deep Tissue, The Swedish, The Prenatal, The Sticks, The Stones & the Eminence Scrub & Soufflé.


Massage Therapy Add-Ons

Prices Vary | see below

Massage add-ons are added to the treatment regimen for a given massage. Add-ons do not lengthen time of the scheduled massage.

  • Muscle Relief $15
    Cold therapy pain relief for sore muscles
  • Aromatherapy $10
    Your choice of one essential oil for inhalation and body application
  • Deep Tissue $10
    Medium to firm pressure for deeper muscle layers
  • Hot Stones $15
    Four heated stones to alleviate tension in 1-2 body areas
  • Cold Himalayan Stones $15
    Four cooled stones to relieve inflammation in 1-2 body areas
  • Sticks $15
    Warmed and rolled over tight muscles in 1-2 areas of the body.
  • Dry Brushing $10
    Full body dry brushing to improve Lymphatic drainage.
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Body Treatments & Wraps

Eminence Stone Crop R&R Wrap

50 minutes $175 | no massage
80 minutes $205 | with massage
110 minutes $275 | with massage

Revitalize and Restore with this exquisite treatment featuring award-winning all Organic Eminence Products. You will first experience a salt/sugar scrub for an invigorating yet hydrating resurfacing exfoliation infused with stonecrop and lemon peel to brighten and smooth skin. Next, our highly trained staff will layer directly on top of the scrub, the Stone Crop Restorative Body wrap melting the sugar/salt away. You will then be wrapped in our thermal blanket before receiving a scalp/hair treatment using Eminences ultra-rich Wildflower Oil. After you have been unwrapped and the product has been removed, Stone Crop Body Oil will be applied directly to your skin. This oil is a combination of Stone Crop and Arnica to soothe and soften your skin. Enjoy the 80-minute or 110-minute treatment for extra massage time. You can also add the Stone Crop Contour Cream at the end of your treatment to firm your skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite additional fee will apply for the add-on – the $20 add-on is not an addition of time and is done with in the service time.

NOTE: Heat treatments are not recommended for guests who are heat sensitive, have heart conditions, or are pregnant.

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Eminence Scrub and Soufflé

50 minutes $175
80 minutes $220
110 minutes $300

This fully customizable Scrub and Soufflé treatment gives you the option to choose from our award winning, all Organic Eminence product line. This allows you to create a service that best suits your personal needs.

First you will choose from three scrubs:

  • Coconut Sugar Scrub
    Contains high levels of antioxidants and hydrators for deep hydration
  • Blueberry Soy Sugar Scrub
    Antioxidant healing power leaving you refreshed and smooth
  • Stone Crop Revitalizing Body Scrub<
    Sugar and salt infused with stonecrop and Lemon to brighten and smooth

Then pick a body lotion to compliment your treatment:

  • Blueberry Soufflé
    Reduces appearance of wrinkles while soothing and hydrating skin
  • Stone Crop Body Lotion
    Reduces the appearance of unevenness leaving the skin to look younger
  • Coconut Firming Body Lotion
    Firms and hydrates your skin while reducing wrinkles

Once your products have been selected you will receive a full body scrub. This will polish your skin back to a natural glow before applying the Soufflé which will hydrate your skin back to health. Enjoy the 80-minute or 110-minute treatment for extra massage time.

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