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Hollywood Trashed

Chickie's & Pete's

Meet Hollywood Trashed

We are a hard rocking cover band based in Reno, NV paying tribute to the bands that influenced us so greatly as we grew up! From Classic Rock to the Hair Bands of the 80’s, we play it the way it was meant to be, high energy and hard rockin! 

Lead by the driving guitar of David Ecker that will pull you up out of your seat, drag you to the dance floor and keep you begging for more. Follow that with Jim Wilson's thundering bass, gritty vocals and the pulse altering beats of Dave Svoboda on drums and you get a hard driven sound that gets a final polish from the electrifying vocals and rhythm guitar of Trish Good who’s power and range round out a performance that can only be described as “Must See!”

So look no further, this is the band that will keep your party rockin’ full tilt until the last person drops! Let us take you back to the glory days of rock when the whiskey was number one and it was anything goes, big hair, hot girls and music that you can't get out of your soul!

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