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A Tribute to Kings

In San Francisco, in 1984, founding member and bassist Les Claypool linked up with guitarist Todd Huth and drummer Jay Lane to form the original Primus. The lineup has gone through several changes over the years, featuring other greats like Peter Libby, Robbie Bean, Tim Wright and even temporary touring members like Buckethead and Danny Carey. Throughout every iteration, though, Primus has always had a knack for putting on stellar shows and concocting unmistakably quirky music. Primus’ debut album, Frizzle Fry, garnered them some success with smaller hits like the eponymous “Frizzle Fry,” “Pudding Time” and “Mr. Knowitall.” They enjoyed even greater acclaim with their 1991 release, Sailing The Seas Of Cheese, which included classic singles like “Jerry Was A Race Car Driver” and “Tommy The Cat.” Since their inception, Primus has released more than seven studio albums, with numerous singles gaining spots on the U.S. Alternative charts. Perhaps most enduring is Primus’ legacy. The trio has always featured powerhouse musicians and eccentric vocals. Claypool’s work on bass, however, redefined the role of the instrument within a rock context and provided a blueprint for the inclusion of tricky (but funky) bass licks in future works by other bands like Incubus, Korn and Limp Bizkit.

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