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Alan Parsons Live Project

Date N/A
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Venue Grand Theatre

Reset and Power Back On Tour

Witness a living legend, 13x-Grammy nominated Alan Parsons, live in concert Friday, March 22, 2024, as a part of his Alan Parsons Reset and Power Back On Tour, featuring progressive rock, classical, AM pop, and synth-based music.

Alan Parsons started his career as an audio engineer and producer, before beginning to branch out into creating his own music, like his 1999 album The Time Machine, 2004’s A Valid Path, or 2022’s From the New World. He took home his first ever Grammy after numerous nominations in 2019, for Best Immersive Audio Album, with the 35th Anniversary Edition release of Eye in the Sky, originally released in 1982. Parsons’ career spans nearly sixty years. 

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