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Jowell & Randy

LEX Nightclub

DJ Set By: Yo Yolie

Join us at LEX Nightclub as reggaeton superstar duo Jowell & Randy take the stage for a night of fun and ineradicable music!

Jowell & Randy first met in 2000 through a shared producer who introduced them. They later recorded their first single, Todavía Recuerdo, in 2002. They had many recognitions from a radio station Audio Activa 102.3 FM, which led them to record many more songs recorded onto many CD's such as Time TO Kill Vol.2, Ground Zero, Zona de Perrero, and Los Intocables y Kilates Vol. 2, all productions from Diamond Music.

Jowell & Randy gained notability in the United States when they recorded their third single, "Liga No Dan." Later on Jowell & Randy were featured in the Chosen Few Vol. 2 CD and promoted the CD among 45 cities in and out of the United States. From then on they have been featured in many other productions with various reggaeton artists and have been featured in many albums and singles. In 2006, Randy was featured in the song Siente El Boom, alongside song writer Tito "El Bambino". Later, they made the "Siente El Boom" remix alongside Jowell and De La Ghetto. The song was featured on Tito's album Top of the Line. In 2007 the duo joined with other band members, Guelo Star, J-King & Maximan, to form their new band Casa de Leones. The duo released their first album, Casa de Leones, as a group on June 26, 2007. Their first studio album, Los Mas Sueltos del Reggaeton, was released on December 18, 2007.

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