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Tik Tok Megastar

"Unfortunately on the way to our first show we hit a heavy snowstorm and complete road closures.

We have done everything we could to be there but I am sad to announce we won’t make it to Sacramento or Reno and must cancel the shows. I'm so sorry but I promise I’ll be back.

Spokane I'll see you Monday."

Credit card purchases will be automatically refunded. Cash refunds can be obtained at the Box Office. 

Defying the rules with style and substance, jxdn bends and breaks the boundaries as he moves between subcultures in a very genuine way to position himself as a new kind of rockstar. Generating 15 million streams within a month and becoming the first artist signed to Travis Barker’s DTA Records, the 19-year-old genre breaker presents a signature style on a series of 2020 releases. 

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