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Rick Hays & American Steel

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Meet Rick Hays & American Steel

Rick Hays & American Steel has been a country music dance band, based out of Reno, Nevada since 1994.

The band has released 2 full albums, "Who's Your Cowboy Now?" and "Nevadatude" respectively, as well as a 3 song EP "Forward". The band is currently writing for their next full Album, "Cottonwoods & Cattails". Hays does a majority of the writing, but is equally blessed with what he calls his favorite writer Felipe Vigil, providing his talent to the band. The rest of the members also write their own parts to each song, which makes for a full-team effort and collaboration, especially when the likes of Engineers and Producers such as Ted Nelson on the first two full albums, and Todd Rold on the 3 song EP are added. In-short, everyone in the band has their piece of the action.

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