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Teo Gonzalez & Regelio Ramos

Grand Theatre

UN1-2 Tour

One of Mexico and Latin America’s most beloved comedians, Teo Gonzalez is known as “El Comediante de la Cola de Caballo,” or “The Ponytail Comedian.” In addition to his signature hairdo, Gonzalez is also renowned for his effortless sense of humor and uncanny impressions. After encouragement from friends and family who recognized his natural charisma, Gonzalez tried his hand at standup comedy and was immediately offered a full-time gig at a local club. His success as a comic triggered a career in television – he has appeared on many popular shows, including “Teo TV,” “Nuestro Tiempo” and “Club de Medio Día.” Due to his immense popularity in Mexico, Gonzalez has represented his country at the International Humor Festival seven times. 

With a career spanning over three decades, it’s no wonder that Rogelio Ramos has earned the title “El Master de la Comedia” in his native Mexico. Ramos transforms the mundane musings of everyday life into uproarious bits that examine reality with razor-sharp insight. Best known for his standup comedy, Ramos has also displayed his mastery in the world of television and radio.

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