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Tesla: Time to Rock! Tour 2024

Date N/A
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Venue Grand Theatre

Time to Rock with Greg Golden Band!

TESLA blues-based hard rock band marked by clever songwriting and technical acumen, Tesla rose to fame during the pop-metal boom of the 1980s and early '90s. The band's music is equally indebted to contemporary blues and '70s-style hard rock, a fusion that helped differentiate platinum-selling albums like Mechanical Resonance (1986), The Great Radio Controversy (1989), and Psychotic Supper (1991) from their contemporaries.

Now also featuring Greg Golden Band, who has fronted for groups Eddie Money, Sebastain Bach, LA Guns, Jeff Keith, Gary Hoey, Puddle of Mud, and more, and played stages from the Highway 101 Biker Run, Red Wood Run, and the Forte Awards. Featured on the Far Out Podcast, The Steve Austin Show, and more!

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